Friday, January 06, 2006

Fun Friday!

My family is instituting a new Friday night tradition--swimming at the YMCA! We're trying to make the most of our membership. We held our breath and joined at the end of spring. The payments (on an income-based sliding scale) finally fell within our budget. The YMCA also dropped its joining fee for teachers. We reasoned we would get our money's worth over a summer of swimming and the nursery services, giving me the only babysitting "mom time" I've ever had. Now my husband goes more regularly than I, since the location is on the way home from his new job. And the best part is...they have installed individual flat screen TV's on the machines...AND THEY HAVE HGTV! Can you think of a better reason for a too-cheap-for-cable woman to exercise?


Mrs.Garcia said...

Meredith, Wow that sounds like a Fun Friday with your Family.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Meredith!-
Yippee!! I am glad for the HGTV fix you'll now get! I LOVE HGTV; I got satellite a few years ago because they carried HGTV, and our local cable company didn't. You will be the best exercised woman in the greater Nashville area now! Enjoy, enjoy!! :-)
Susan, from Illinois