Monday, January 30, 2006

Do It Yourself Bath Cleaner

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Here's my cheap solution for keeping my tile, mirror, and fixtures shining:

rubbing alcohol (can be diluted with water), misted from a generic spray bottle,
and buffed with a soft cloth.

I love the wintergreen scent (50 cents at Dollar Tree). I even spray it on the toilet seat before wiping, as both a disinfectant and deodorizer. One bottle lasts a long, long time.


Mom of thirteen said...

Hi! I got to your blog from Roberta's blog. I have never heard of wintergreen scented rubbing alcohol! That is too cool! I can't wait to find some next chance I have to go shopping at Dollar Tree! Does it work as well as Windex on windows and mirrors? Thanks for tip.

Meredith said...

Jerri, I'm not sure it has the cleaning power of Windex--insofar as needing a detergent-type additive to break down dirt. It IS great for streak-free cleaning of all those water droplets and finger smudges on shiny surfaces like chrome faucets, tile, and the bath mirror.

Mom of thirteen said...

Okay, thanks for the clarification. We have plenty of finger smudges on shiny surfaces around here! We recently moved and this new house has white tile counters in the kitchen and baths and it is really hard to keep them looking clean. Harder yet for my kids to make them look nice and shiny. So, I look forward to trying this out! Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one wondering what ratio you dilute it with water?

Thanks again for all the tips!

Meredith said...

Helen, I think *you* were the one who gave me the idea! Sorry not to give you credit where credit is due...sometimes I read and experiment with so many new ideas online, I forget who tipped me off in the first place!

Tina, one make-your-old-household-cleaner book I read recommended diluting the rubbing alcohol by half with water. I usually use it straight.

Roberta said...

I spotted this on a shelf at Wal-Mart yesterday, 16 oz. for $1.22, not quite as cheap as dollar tree (not sure the size of bottles there. I'm going to try it.

texashimalaya said...

Cool idea!

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

I'll have to try some of this wintergreen kind. Thanks for the tip.