Friday, November 25, 2005

Thankful and Tired

My family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope yours did, too. My mini-feast on Friday turned out more delicious than the overpriced restaurant buffet we attended with family; besides, we have enough leftovers to eschew cooking all weekend! We had pulled down all the Christmas paraphernalia for the attic's new ductwork, so we decorated all morning just to get the boxes out of the way. Note to self: don't buy any more Christmas stuff at 90% off in January...I have far more than I need!

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Laura Talbert said...

I love it when we trim the tree and get out all our Christmas stuff. I always find "surprises"--those things I bought at after-Christmas sales and packed away, forgetting all about them. It's like getting to open presents early!
But, I too have PLENTY and will try very very hard not to even look this year.