Monday, October 10, 2005

Not Fun Day

I've been at the doctor today having some diagnostic testing completed. Not fun, or frugal: the bill came to just over $1,000 in less than four hours! (Thank God for good insurance!) My mom was able to watch my son while she's on her break from school. For once, I had the foresight to get my crockpot simmering with some 28 cents/lb. chicken quarters in barbeque sauce, to serve with grilled asparagus (1.49/lb) and baked potatoes. Mmmmm!

My vacuum has been sputtering lately and spitting a cloud of dust in its wake, so I took it in for a quick fix. Thank you, Oreck Man, for unclogging the Kinex pieces at no additional charge with my purchase of window cleaner! I watched carefully as he unscrewed the bottom plate to access the tube. I'm sure we have several more years of tiny building toys in our future, and now I can unclog them myself.


sashwee said...

I'm having trouble subscribing to your blog through bloglines. Do you know if anyone else has trouble doing that?

Anonymous said...

How are you getting your asparagus for that price? We live in northern IN and have it only in the spring when it grows in our garden or my husband finds a great deal on it in Michigan(He travels with his job.). I hope you get good news from your tests.--Melissa

Meredith said...

Sashwee, yours is the first comment about trouble with Bloglines. I'll have my husband set up an account and try it tonight. Meanwhile, anyone else have trouble subscribing to my feed?

Bloglines is a free blog reader service. You can have all your favorite blogs' new posts directed to one main page. You can receive an alert with each new post. Consolidating all my favorite blogs has greatly streamlined my computer time. Plus, it's so easy to add "just one more"...I think I'm up to 73 different blogs now :)

Meredith said...

Melissa, our Harris Teeter grocer had the asparagus $1.49/lb this week. What a nice surprise! Though asparagus is typically a spring vegetable, someone somewhere is producing a fall crop. The past few Thanksgivings I have taken roasted asparagus to my family's giant potluck. It must have been on sale in November those years, too, because I would never pay full price :)