Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Money To Buy More Stuff

My mom is having a yard sale this week. I drove down yesterday to help her...ahem, should I say sacrificed precious gasoline to help her! And after trying to get her to focus on one area of the house, she finally asks me to clean out the linen closet. Okay. I can do that. Forget that you can hardly walk through the other rooms in the house, I'll pull every old, unsellable sheet out of the closet and tag it.
My approach to overwhelming situations is just to pitch things. I would have taken those contractor bags and filled them for Goodwill. Adding a difficult step (organizing a sale) to dicey operation is simply one more reason to quit.
And that's just what I did. She shooed us out the door after an hour, despite my protests. My mom is a hard worker, and she's at her best in the pre-dawn hours. I hope she can make this yard sale happen. It might make her a lot of money.
Because that's just what she to buy more stuff.


Anonymous said...

My husband was convinced we could make a "ton" of money by having a garage sale instead of donating to St Vincent de Paul, so one time I agreed to try it with me. I know it's not kind to say "I told you so" but the $60 or so, less Krispy Kremes, less hours spent pricing & hours spent at the sale itself just was not worth it in my opinion and luckily he agreed that we won't do it again.

Mary Ann said...

I can identify with just pitching stuff when feeling overwhelmed. We had a big sale in the spring and I vowed that I wouldn't do it again for a very long time! It is so much easier to donate stuff.

Linda said...

This reminds me of the process we are going through with my mother-in-law right now. We are trying to clear some things out of her house and we have been donating like crazy. We could have had a garage sale, but it just seemed like way too much work, and a lot of the stuff wasn't in that great of condition anyway. So, we have been pitching. Quite satisfactory in many ways.

Anonymous said...

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