Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dream Kitchen

The Headmistress for the Common Room is building her dream house. She asks what comprises our ideas of the perfect kitchen. If I ever have an opportunity to do a kitchen completely for myself, I'd like something along the lines of Tasha Tudor's, but with better lighting:

Lots and lots of windows. More windows than upper cabinets.
A few open shelves or a British style plate drying rack instead of upper cabinets.
Appliances disguised with wood panels painted to match the cabinets.
Cabinetry with a light whitish glaze, and ample room for all my gadgets and groceries.
A sink deep enough to bathe babies or handwash linens in.
An old wooden farm table or store counter used as an island.
Reclaimed wide plank wood floors with warmth and patina.
A simple iron chandelier, and halogen pin lights tucked around the ceiling edges.
Two faded chintz wingback chairs in the corner for guests and tea.
An adjacent dining room lined with books on every wall, and a round table in the center.

Oh, Headmistress, now you've got me dreaming of starting another house. Shame on you!


Anonymous said...

Oh I love thinking about my dream house. I have several ideas for a kitchen. My favorite is the huge butlers's closet/pantry between the dining room and the kitchen with built in shelves to store food and other kitchen supplies like crockpots and canning things. Shelves floor to celing on one wall,with a step ladder so I could reach easily, and a counter with cabinets on the facing wall for extra work space.

Also on my list are a nice big center island for even more work space and cabinets underneath for even more storage and a pot rack so I never have to dig through a cabinet full of stacked pots and pans again.

I'd also like what I've heard called a "warming room." It's an area of the kitchen set up with a couch and chairs for casual chatting and hanging out with the cook. I've even seen them with fireplaces. Since everyone seems to congragate in the kitchen anyway, this would allow me to visit and cook at the same time, but keep people out of the way too.

Ok there's more, but I think I'm hijacking your blog now. :)

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Hey, thanks for 'playing.' Another post on being content with what we have must surely follow my kitchen post.=)

Meredith said...

It's always fun to dream. Still, clarifying your vision can help us make satisfying little changes in our current kitchens. For instance, I could swap two of my wooden kitchen chairs for padded upholstered chairs this winter...that would be cozy for guests.

Sarah Jane said...

These all sound like such fabulous dream kitchens. A "warming room," how amazing. I am all for one of those because it would combine two of my favorite things, cooking, and talking, and keeping warm for that matter. Also, of course an elaborate pantry would be nice, and I'm with you on lots of windows. Being in the kitchen is so much more fun when you can look out at something. I would also love enough counter space to just spread out while I cook, and to have every needful appliance close at hand. Thanks for the chance to daydream today.