Monday, August 08, 2005

Separation Anxiety (Mine, Not His)

Forgive me for not posting today. My heart was too busy breaking.

My little one begins preschool tomorrow. Oh, it's really just two-and-a-half hours, two mornings a week. The same school I attended twenty-five years ago. The one he's chattered about nonstop since Open House.

Embraced by a teacher with a gentle manner and soft voice, whom he warmed to immediately. Filled with other kids he won't hesitate to boss, the only child learning to move within a group.

Tonight we picked out clothes and readied his backpack. I cut the crusts off his sandwich and wrapped it neatly. He fell asleep with his crayon box still in hand.

Lord, send me another baby soon. This one is growing up too fast.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to both of you! Last year when my son went to preschool, I was pretty teary. This year he's going to be starting Kindergarten in about two weeks and even though it won't be the first time he's away at school, I'm still not ready.

Shannon said...

Isn't it awful/amazing - how fast they grow? It really does break your heart.

Anonymous said...

How did it go?