Sunday, August 28, 2005

Poking Along By Dial-up

I must be the last blogger alive with a dial-up connection to the Internet. We use Walmart Connect at 9.95 a month, and it's surprisingly fast, with great technical support. Sure, it's slow compared to the T-1 lines we access at school and library. But how do I use the Internet at home? Music downloads? No. Streaming video? No. Maintaining a website or business? No.

It appears we don't really need the speed. Perhaps, in the near future, if broadband prices continue to drop, we will indulge. But for right now, dial-up suits me just fine. Besides, I don't need any more temptation. ;)


Meredith said...

Glad to know we're not the only one! We don't have cable TV, and the house is not wired--two more reasons to keep putting it off altogether.

Anonymous said...

We had always had dial-up until three years ago when we bought our house. Then we decided we could have one splurge entertainment cable TV, DSL or something else I forget. We hardly ever watch TV and whatever the other choice was wasn't too high up, but we decided to get DSL and love it.

Dial-up is fine as long as you are used to it. Going back to it after having a high speed connection is very hard. So until you are ready to pay for it forever, hold off on getting it.

Meredith said...

Good advice!

Laura Talbert said...

I still have dial-up too. I was looking into a cable modem but I get so confused about it all and it is about 3 times what I pay now. Then I noticed my ISP offers accelerated for only $5 more. It claimed to be 5 times faster, and I'll be, it IS! So, I'm happy and so is my budget:-)