Friday, July 08, 2005

Amusing Rides

One of my travel books reminded me that when vacationing with small children, getting there can be as fun as the activity itself.

With that in mind, I contacted Water Taxi of Fort Lauderdale. Part of our stay will be in a condo on a canal.


For five dollars, we can get an all-day riding pass that will take us to the Museum of Science and Discovery, the mall, and other tourist spots. The frugal part of me thinks $12 may be a bit much for the three of us, until you consider that most spots, including the museum, charge for parking.

I also found that 50 cents each will buy us a ride on a new trolley system through Coral Gables, our other destination. We'll see if the Mr. Rogers appeal carries over to real life.

Include the Miami Zoo's monorail and the airplane to Florida, and I think we have a transportation scrapbook in the making!

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