Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Woman Who Cooks

From a 1963 cookbook entitled The Working Wives' Cookbook (Salaried Or Otherwise) :

"We have never known a man who waxed nostalgic over his mother's ability to mop
floors or one who boasted that his wife could wash socks better than anyone on
the block. But, oh, the lovely pedestal that awaits the woman who cooks!"
I wish I were that woman! Tasty cooking has never been my talent.

Add to this confession the complications of cooking for a diabetic with sky-high cholesterol, and, well, you get the picture.

This week I'm trying recipes from Leanne Ely's Saving Dinner the Low-Carb Way. I've listened to enough raves and online reviews about dishes that taste restaurant quality.

Anything that will limit our eating-out appetite will be a money-saver in my book!

I like that her menus are seasonal--cabbage is featured the months it's on sale. However, Buying cuts of meat according to a set plan (versus letting that week's specials guide my menu) is a potential budget red flag.

As I flip through the cookbook, though, I see that many of the proteins are the same: white fish, salmon, chicken breasts and thighs, round steak, roasts, and pork chops.

My plan is to replenish my freezer when these cuts go on sale to the point where any main dish recipe requires only a walk to the freezer--not a trip to the grocer.

I usually don't adopt a complete system in the end, but like everyone else, develop a style that's a little bit of everything. Time and effort learning for my career at home is never wasted, though; one day I may finally become the mom whose family fondly remembers dinner at home.

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Anonymous said...

My daighter and I are trying Leanne's cookbook too..we noticed the use of the same meats too. Good thinking! I listed each meat and such on the fly of my book and page to further help recipe hunting when not using the book. LOVE your blogs..found you 5/14 on Stretcher.Noticed you mentioned yahoo homemaking sight on one but cannot find it now!!Will keep looking. So glad to find a like soul!