Monday, April 18, 2005

How To Decorate A Guest Room at Motel 6 Prices

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I was changing the linens on the guest bed when I realized how much of it was secondhand!

Even the bedframe and mattress are hand-me-downs.

Here's how I found the things that made this room affordable:
  • Vintage matelesse coverlet = $1 from church sale
  • Vintage damask bed skirt = $1 from church charity shop
  • Heavy cut velvet spread folded at bottom = a $5 splurge from the Goodwill Outlet
  • Vintage embroidered pillowcases = 50 cents from thrift shop
  • Copper teapot lamp and shade = $1.50 from yard sale in the worst of neighborhoods
  • Accent pillows = $2 splurge from a decorator's yard sale

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martha said...

This is exceptional! So warm, cozy, and tranquil. You really have a gift. Your post and PICTURES inspire me. Thank you. Martha