Friday, March 20, 2009

More For The Freezer: Cabbage & Beans

Can you tell I'm packing for a picnic?

Cabbage is always on sale in March. If you like vinegar-based coleslaws, shred an extra head for this easy freezer recipe.

Freeze in portions that suit your family. Thaw in the fridge for a crisp salad at your convenience (and at a rock bottom price.)

Likewise with beans.

I cooked a pound of dry beans in leftover chicken stock. Now I have one 24-oz container to pop in the cooler, with two in the freeze for future meals!

More: bulk cooking and freezing rice for convenience.


Darcy said...

I never knew you could freeze cabbage!

Kathy said...

Enjoy your picnic! I awoke to first day of spring snow!!

Best, Kathy

Monica said...

I freeze just about everything, but I never considered making slaw! Thanks. I'm going to give this a try.

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

How is the texture of the cabbage after it's been frozen?

Workin' MAMA! said...

Meredith - I'm in to 'mass cookin' as well - I only cook 3 times a week now - tues, wed., thurs -
mondays and fridays open to leftovers and the occasional 'pizza on friday nite' -

I have another rule: Don't buy 'any' meat until all is used in my freezer - until all is gone in the fridge - It helps on buying a 'chicken' or 'ground turkey' and curbs my taste for 'pork loin' -
I had to do this so that great meat would 'not' go bad -
So, I take ground turkey and split it for two meals - one batch for chili - and one for enchiladas - freeze it with label on front and bam - pop in microwave for a melt down and dinner is quick and done.

The crockpot and me go way back too - I have to do the 'easy' route for when I'm out of town and hubby can follow the menu plan and just heat up and put on a plate - the most he has to do is make a salad... Everyone's happy -
The freezer is a good friend and we are blessed to have 2 refrigerators - had to that to keep extra food and cold juices always cold - we don't have ice in the house at all - don't need it...

Makes mama's life a lot easier!
Thanks for your inspiration sister meredith - it goes a lonnnnng way - even to the pacific northwest!

Carlene said...

My mother-in-law gave me a recipe for freezer slaw, but I haven't tried it yet. In fact, I had never even heard of it until she gave it to me. I think I just might have to give it a try now.

Jessie Weaver said...

The coleslaw looks delicious! I am always looking for good vinegar-based ones because my DH doesn't do mayo-based anything.

Monica said...

Thanks for the tips. I have wondered for a long time if beans would freeze well, now I know and will give it a try.

Meredith said...

The texture is crisp and crunchy. Maybe a little softer than fresh made, but a lot depends on how finely you chop the cabbage.

WordGirl said...

I always buy cabbage on sale and then it makes so much cole slaw that we can't eat it all (and we just get tired of it before it's gone). I'll definitely try this recipe because I'm all about vinegar and can't stand mayo! Thanks for sharing.