Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hi, there.

The piles, they keep a-growing, as much as I'd like to pause and put everything away.

Where is that nesting energy? My home has never been filthier.

Baby will be here sometime in the next 30 days, but when? And how?

Blood sugar highs and lows, swelling, and too much fluid are making things tricky. I'm staying at home a lot to conserve gas for doctor visits.

Meanwhile, life goes on--reading aloud, getting food on the table, savoring the last days of 4 before we become 5.

Thank you so much for all your cheerful notes!


Anonymous said...

My wife used Herbalife throughout her pregnancy because she believed in the nutritive value of the products. We had a beautiful and healthy baby and my wife's preganancy went incredibly well.
Congratulations on your pregnancy and best wishes for your healthy and happy family.
Keep Smiling!
Herbalife Mentor

Anonymous said...

I have fallowed you for over a year. Only leaving a message here and there. I am sure that nesting energy is coming. Hang in there. Your doing great.

Tour guide @ Mommy Excursions said...

I never did nest with my last child. I had a scheduled c-section and it never happened. With my first it happened just a few days before I had her.

The last time I had to bring people over to help me get everything clean and ready. Sad huh?