Saturday, August 09, 2008

Inexpensive ice cream social

Well, it only took me a week to unload the dirty platters from the trunk of my car!

An ice cream sundae bar is an economical way to serve large groups, especially if everyone brings a topping.

I planned the way I usually do: by calling the experts. Maggie Moo's will package individual ice cream cups plus a selection of toppings...for $4 a person. You do the mixing.

I knew we could beat that--and we did, averaging less than $1/person.

Being flexible lent us the best value. For instance, we omitted whipped cream in favor of seasonal fresh fruit.
  • Mayfield ice cream $6.47 for a 5-quart pail--$1 more than Aldi, but worth it for flavor.
  • Novelty syrups--Smuckers brand at Big Lots.
  • Caramel sauce--$3 for a huge can at the restaurant supply store.
  • Assorted candies--on clearance at the grocery.
  • Brownies & cake--made at home for an extra-special touch.


Tubo Family said...

I did ice cream floats for a relatively inexpensive party when I took my baby son to my hometown to meet family & friends for the first time. Although much of my family still lives there, my parents are unfriend-ily divorced (still, after 25+ years!) so I can't ask either to host, so I'm always looking for something that is inexpensive and easy to do when coming from 600 miles away.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I am hosting an ice cream social in September, and this is exactly what I needed to help me plan. Thank you, thank you!

Amy G.

Nancy said...

Would this be the reason for 100 brownies? Great idea.

Unknown said...

and 2 fabulous helpers besides!
I do not knwo how you do it honey!

letterstoelijah said...

I'm having a going away ice cream social for my step son who is going into the navy this Sunday. Thanks for the inspiration!! Beautiful, as usual, presentation!

Anonymous said...

This will be wonderful! I have a large group coming for a garden party in Sept... just 3 1/2 weeks after mt hysterectomy... how easy this will be!!! Thanks bunches for the idea

Anonymous said...

Yum! I'll bet everyone enjoyed it!

Karen said...

Meredith, I love you and your blog, but now I've reached my limit with the plant. Sorry, but I thought it may be helpful. Send it to your DH's office already!