Sunday, December 02, 2007

In My Library Bag: Holiday Homes

Husband: So, did you set out to match your snack to your book, or did it just work out that way?

Wife: I cannot help myself. It is both a gift and a curse.

By the way, this slightly dated book from Oxmoor House is an excellent guide to decorating with greenery.

Holiday Homes is a pleasure to study, from its green marbled endpages to the historic homes decked out in period Christmas style. Here's hoping your library has a copy!


Anonymous said...

You have a husband who notices things like that? I have on more than one occasion repainted entire walls, even staircases, a different colour and he hasn't ever realised!

Edi said...

I did an online search at our library and found the book. I put it on hold and hope to get it this week.

RE: tree trimmings from Home Depot - are they free? Are they selling live trees and these were bits laying around? Just curious - b/c I would like to find some.

By the way - I like how you have new posts often...seems like you have something new every time I check. I really enjoy the way you make beauty out of inexpensive items.

Meredith said...

At our Home Depot and Lowes, they trim the bottoms of the trees and throw the trimmings in a pile.

I used to see employees forking the pile into a dumpster before getting up my courage to ask.

Now I know they'll say Sure! because removing a few of their extra trimmings removes extra work for them, too.

(Although I've recommended this so often, they'll probably start charging us all soon!!!!)

Smaller tree lots may not give you the trimmings. One I know in particular hires a few immigrant women to shape the trimmings into fresh wreaths.