Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday meanderings

Is it cheaper to shred your own cheese? Journey To Simplicity does the math. Thanks to Dewey's Treehouse for the introduction.

No money, no problem? Carrien gives us a stern talk about cost and nutrition, one I needed to hear.

Storybook Woods creates the prettiest bake sale packaging I've ever seen.

Red Hen Studios sewed game bags out of old suede pants.

If you're still looking for things you can make for Christmas, don't miss The Loveliness of Handmade Gifts fair, held at one of my all-time favorite blogs, By Sun and Candlelight.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for this entry:

This past weekend, DH and I have been busy with routine car maintenance and a car tune-up. But ... next weekend ... our DD's have a scout craft bazaar ... and they have to produce something sell-able by Saturday morning.

These links are sparking my imagination. Too bad I didn't keep that old suede jacket!


Anonymous said...

Also, check out "Notes from a Cottage Industry" to see her beautiful baking and packaging ideas. Or if you just want to see her super ideas for gracious living on a budget.

Meredith said...

Oh, yes, Notes from A Cottage Industry is a beautiful blog, and I've highlighted several of her projects here at Like Merchant Ships.

This was the first time I've seen a paper band type label around a loaf bread--an idea I thought was particularly easy and cute.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for today's great links. There are good things to glean from each one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! BTW, I love your blog for many reasons and because you don't promote things for your readers to BUY! That does become tiresome.