Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trash art

Painting found on curb could be worth up to 1 million dollars.



Anonymous said...

Another sigh.

But, I have enough. Would I have even recognized the artistry?

It seems we all have different frugal advantages. I am blessed with an amazing thrift store, but I have high housing, utility, and grocery prices. (another sigh)

When I lived in South Bend, we had low housing and grocery costs, but the 2ndhand market wasn't as good. It's a trade-off.

And, can you imagine the cost-of-living in MANHATTAN!


Anonymous said...

How neat was that!

Anonymous said...

Whoa. That was some "find"!!

inspired said...

That is interesting. A few years ago, my husband's uncle (an artist in the New England area) came across a framed picture. The person was selling it for $10. His uncle informed them that it was a "small Rembrandt" and that they might want to have it looked at. It turned out to be worth a couple hundred thousand dollars. Who knew? Obviously not that fellow!