Sunday, September 30, 2007

The versatile table

I had a bad attitude when we inherited this basic round table. I had something much more elegant in mind for my newly-married meals. Ha!

Below, you can see it in our last home's eat-in kitchen/living room. We learned to add a leaf or two and expand into the front hallway for company.

The spray-painted chandelier needed shades to soften the light. A dimmer switch helped the rest of the room fade away during mealtime. Casters moved the table closer for kitchen prep and farther away for mopping.
Our new house doesn't have a breakfast nook, so we placed the same table in the corner for writing.

In our first apartment, we skirted the table and ate in the corner of our living room. If you don't have a chandelier, try a tall candlestick lamp for soft lighting.

Here, I've rolled the table into the entryway. I unearthed our original velour tablecloth. Now we can serve an additional 5 guests next to our larger dining table.
I had to eat my newlywed words. This versatile table has been such a blessing!


MamaBirdEmma said...

I *love* round tables as desks! A long time ago, I saw one in Victoria magazine and have been dreaming of owning one ever since!


Amy said...

I love this pretty table and all of the ways that you set it up. I often wish I would have had a round table. Our light above our rectangular table seems really "off" because it has been placed that way for a round table. I love that you have found so many uses for these- great idea!

Miss G said...

Meredith, it is so much fun to go back and read an old post of yours that I haven't had the pleasure of reading before. Thanks for linking to it. I love your round table and this also gives me hope that maybe one day I'll have new-found appreciation for my "newlywed" table. Thanks. Kelly