Friday, September 14, 2007

Talbot's kids' outlet

Roseanne contacted me about using what remained of a Talbot's gift the ridiculous retail prices. I wanted her to have a look at Talbot's outlet online, but I lost her email. I rarely order products online, as the shipping usually defeats the discount. However, you can take 40% off Talbot's clearance prices here.

Does anyone else find it as hard to use up a gift card as Roseanne and I do? I usually try to translate those into new gifts for family.


3boysmama said...

If you look at those code sights online you can ususally find a way not to pay shipping. I find it hard to pay the shipping costs on ebay, but merchants s/h is usually much lower, worth my time in gas and energy taking 2 little ones to the store.

That said,
I wanted to mention that I have found the Talbots Kids clearance racks in the store have very good prices. You have to catch it at just the right time, at the end of the season.

The Frugal Countess said...

Oh THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this. I just loaded up! With 4 kids I am always looking for great deals on kids clothes (oh, and who are we kidding - for me too!). ;-)

Nicola said...

yes, yes, yes! i often translate gift cards into gifts for others, and generally wait to use them until i can combine with a sale and/or discount coupons.
check out this site for discount codes for online purchases:

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

Um, no. I don't have any problem using up gift cards. Ever.

I have a Talbots outlet in my town. The prices there are fantastic! I can often find beautiful pieces for $5-10 each. The quality is fabulous.

I never knew Talbot had an online outlet.

Marsha said...

I love Talbots for my kids (is it me, or is finding plain tees and t-necks for little ones nearly impossible?) and will buy myself gift cards during their "double points" times for card holders. Now, I don't go in for credit cards as a rule but Talbots has some wonderful benefits - not only these double points times, but also a birthday discount of 10% for the month of the carholder's birthday and a few other miscellaneous things, too.

Anyway, by buying myself the giftcards for double points I maximize my clearance-purchasing power. A $100 gift card results in $20 "rebate". Using the gift card and rebate just after Christmas (a great Talbots clearance time), in conjunction with my December birthday bonus, has resulted in some amazing purchases. One of the best was over $300 of merchandise (at original catalog pricing) for less than $100 out of pocket. I like to by years ahead of need, too, and in the event that I miscalculate a size keep the extra for gifting or to sell on Craig's list.

Now, by sharing my secrets, you'll all let me have first crack at the little girl size fours after Christmas, right? :)

Dani In NC said...

My husband gets restaurant gift cards all the time from work as performance incentives. We hardly ever use them because we are always searching for the perfect time to go out.

laurel said...

We usually sell gift cards on Ebay. My hubby recently won a $300 Best Buy gift card. We sold it on Ebay for $270. The winner saved $30, we had cash to put towards something we really wanted (or bills!).

Anonymous said...

I love to receive gift cards. So thoughtful. You can buy what you want . . . need. We just used a restaurant gift car tonight. What a treat!