Friday, August 03, 2007

Frugal Blog Showcase

You may have noticed the Frugal Blogroll to the lower right. Kim C., the list's creator/Barbara Walters, invited me to kick off her Frugal Blog Showcase with a short interview. You'll find all the information you need to join the Frugal Blogroll there, too. Thanks, Kim!

This morning I plan to catch a few yard sales and spiff up the house so we can enjoy it this weekend. Clean sheets for everyone!


Kim C. said...

Thanks again, Meredith, for answering all my questions. I enjoyed it and learned a lot from your answers.

Shannon said...

Loved the interview:)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this interview, Meredith! Even though I feel like I "know" you pretty well from reading your blog these past few years, I feel like I now know you even a little bit better. It was a fun read and I hope you do it again sometime!


Anonymous said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. We can't live a frugal lifestyle right now, but your ideas will be tucked away for later.

But I have to ask... you know what that little statuette is of next to the astromeria... right?