Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yard sale fabric

I found a bolt of wild linen fabric for $5 at a yard sale Saturday. So exciting, especially since I had torn an ad for the very same print from a design magazine. I was so smitten with its flamboyant melon, I had even tried painting one for my old patio wall.

Alas, I did NOT like the print when it covered the cushions for my "new" chairs. Too busy with the Chippendale back. Y'all are always asking to see some of my mistakes! $5 is a pretty big purchase for me, too.

All is not lost! I laid the cut piece on my dining room table while I put away some knick knacks. Before I knew it, I had a low-cost centerpiece for my mom's birthday lunch table...

Check back tomorrow for "after" photos!


Anonymous said...

I have a question? I notice that sometimes you put up a post and a few hours later it is missing? The post about your closet I looked at earlier today. I wanted to show it to my daughter and now it is missing. I just wondered why? I enjoy your blog soooooooooo much and get so many good ideas...but wonder why some of them go away????

My next question is....Is there anywere in your house that isnt neat and orderly????? Like a storage space or something??? I feel like I will never get to the neat and organized stage!


Anonymous said...

Personally, I like that fabric on your chairs...beach cottage feel.

I thoroughly enjoy your blog!


Anonymous said...

The closet post was an old one from the archives. I included a link in the "Unmentionables" post below.

I knew I would get a few questions if I used the term "lingerie basket" (I don't have a dresser), so I linked to the closet makeover post for the photo.

Click on "lingerie basket" in the Unmentionables post for the closet makeover.

Anonymous said...


I like the chairs and fabric together. Thank you for the inspirational ideas.


Anonymous said...

I saw your chairs and thought that if you painted the chairs white, that the melon fabric would go perfectly!