Saturday, July 14, 2007

Using photos

Here's a post that explains the legalities of scanning or copying someone else's photos on your blog.
I try to take my own photos for Like Merchant Ships (with the exception of a few book covers, which you can use if you become an Amazon affiliate.)


Alexandra said...

Good reminder. I try to stick to public domain photos(mostly Project Gutenberg) and flickr. You still need to give credit...I hope I've done this everytime with P.G. If I don't write it, I've at least linked the picture. I always give credit with flickr because it does it for me.

At flickr copyright permissions can be set by the photo owner. When they have a button to, "blog this" then I know it's definitely okay to use it without having to ask permission. When you use this button, it automatically gives credit to the owner, and notifies them by email. Easy! Course then you have to remember to check their other pictures...some folks have some rather vulgar collections. Nothing like clicking through on a pretty Victorian picture only to find a collection of vintage erotica(porn really)!

Anonymous said...

That is why I use my own photos. And if there are questions I have most on my computer or on a disc. Not that any of mine look professional.

Amy said...

I remember another personal finance blogger who ended up having a whole headache of problems because of this. His article got picked up by and they used the photo for their piece. It started a windstorm of problems for him and he was really upset about it.

I figure, when in doubt, don't use it :)

Marie said...

I just use the public domain, too (usually Google images).