Sunday, July 08, 2007

Unmentionables, mentioned

Hanes is offering a free sample of its new ComfortSoft underwear. No, really!

I personally need to overhaul my entire lingerie basket. My bras are shot after a year of nursing. I accidentally bought my last package of underwear far too large. For once, they didn't shrink.

I tend to find my best undergarment buys at Big Lots. How about you? Is lingerie a category where you splurge or save?

HT to The Fun Times Guide, which has the scoop on Hanes' cool new dance commercials.


mama k said...

I used to splurge on the cute Vickie's Secret bras when then went on sale. Sadly, since pregnancy I am now too big to order from them anymore. Apparently busty girls are supposed to wear grandma bras. :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Big Lots tip!


Amy said...

Since nursing, I have nothing to put in my bras :( I just decided to hit the Wal-Mart and tried on every bra they had until I found one that gave the illusion I was looking for. As for underwear, I used to buy the cotton VS underwear, but I think the quality has declined in these. They used to last for years and I can see the wear on them so much quicker now. I just buy the Hanes underwear in packages and then find cute lingerie at Wal-Mart for those special times. I save a ton of money, and my husband doesn't care that I got it at Wal-Mart. :)

Anonymous said...

My husband and I went lingerie-shopping together this weekend. He is too embarassed to go by himself, and I want to know his preferences. We found great deals on pretty stuff at Target. for some reason, Victoria's Secret just makes me feel icky. My husband too. We are much more relaxed in a less-sexualized environment.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed the same thing about VS undies, Amy. I used to stock up at least once a year during their clearance sales ($3/pr, lots of colors and styles, usually mid-summer and January, BTW - I think one just ended), but the price per pair has gone up and the quality has gone. I was so impressed when I first bought a pair of VS cotton panties and they lasted for YEARS with no holes, no elastic wear, nothing, so I thought, this is SO worth it. Now... not so much. I restocked last summer and within a month, I had holes, funky elastic, etc. I'm back to Hanes at Walmart/Meijer now, most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Well, in the past 2 years I have lost more than 200 pounds. So I have had a great time buying new underware. I don't buy cheap underpants as they don't fit me as well as they should to be comfortable. Bras are especially hard to find that fits. I have been fitted for a bra before and WOW what a difference. As I have lost weight, I am smaller, but I have many rolls still left. I had gastric bypass surgery in Jan.2005. It worked, I am not a much smaller person, from size 48 to size 18, but the rolls....I don't want more surgery to remove that, I don't ever want to have more surgery again if I can help it. I find that washing my underware in the machine on the delicate cycle with cold water and no bleach helps keep them nice much longer. I also do not dry my underware in the machine either. I use a dryer rack or the clothes line outside. I think dryer heat breaks down elastic.
Your pictures of your closet are lovely. I admire your efforts to share your life as you do on this blog. Thank you. Roxie

Indie Pereira said...

VS just sent me a free $10 gift card so I went in and got a pair of free underwear. The clerk thought that I was crazy for only getting one pair and tried to tell me that I couldn't get something for less than $10. I didn't want to spend any money there so I had carefully read the fine print and had to explain it to the clerk. So thanks for pointing me to my second pair of free underwear this week.

I've been buying Gillian & O'Malley underwear from Target and both of the styles that I've tried wear well. The cotton ones are very soft. I have several that I bought more than two years ago during pregnancy and they are still in great condition in spite of my pregnancy size fluctuations. I still get bras from VS. I never found a nursing bra that I liked so I just got the one VS bra with no under wire.

Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

Tee-hee! I've been wanting to post about 'unmentionables', but I haven't been gutsy enough to do it yet!

I used to love VS because their panties didn't ride up at all, but as with the other commenters, I haven't been happy with my recently purchased products (not to mention the fact that I HATE VS advertising!)

I'd love to hear more comments on brands that fit well and wear well!

As for bras, I've been pregnant or nursing for 5 years, so I'm counting down the days 'til my baby turns one and I go lingerie shopping!!!

Elizabeth said...

I have had really good luck buying brand new "green salvage" tag Target items at Goodwill. I just stocked up on Gillian & O'Malley brand new bras & panties at $0.50 each. I've also been pleased with the hanes and FOL (also brand new) from Target via GW for all of my family members. It's rare that I pay more than $0.50 an item from the lingerie that Target clears out to GW.

Anonymous said...

I love Jockey, it doesn't ride up. Usually bought in a 3-pack during a sale (department store). Or try an outlet store. Lingerie - usually at Kohl's on sale.


Anonymous said...

I usually splurge on bras and scrimp on undies. All I need on the bottom is something simple, comfortable and cotton. But in bras, I'm currently wearing sizes that aren't sold at bargain stores and are hard to fit. I seem to keep going up in cup size and it really helps to have a professional fitter. I used to buy bras at Target and places, but finally I discovered that none were fitting me well. The last time I bought bras, I went to Rebekah Vaughn in Green Hills.