Thursday, July 12, 2007

Frugal motivation

Patty from Morning Ramble makes me think:
People can tell you how to clean, how to quilt, how to knit, how to make candles, how to grow your own food, how to spend less on food and all that stuff, but the "how" of it, never provides the motivation or the love for doing so.

It would be hard--if not impossible--to sustain a frugal life if you didn't enjoy the pursuit. Most of our friends and relatives don't.

They don't understand the satisfaction of saving $1 with a scrap of paper you cut from the newspaper. They don't understand the thrill of creating something beautiful with items you already own. They don't understand the joy of whipping up a healthy meal, and knowing it is cheaper than McDonald's junk.

I think I find frugality so motivating because it is about living, not just saving. Frugality is active, not passive; it's counting pennies instead of swiping plastic. Frugal living is choosing effort over expenditure.

Cheerful frugality doesn't just happen. It takes a daily decision to be content.

{Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. --Phil. 4:11}


Carrie J said...

One reason that I love the blog community is finding like minded women. It is motivating to read post like this one and know there are people who feel like I do. Many of my friends and family just don't get it.

Barb said...

I've been lurking, ahem, visiting, your blog a lot because of your inspiration for cheerful frugality. I love reading about your painting projects and finding new inspiration in the blogs that you mention.

I do have family and friends who don't many of the choices my dh and I choose to make. It can be very frustrating at times as I put another load of toys and kids' clothes in the car for a trip to Goodwill and wish that the givers had asked first what we needed. But, when my three year old grabs egg cartons and the like out of our trash to recycle for "arting," I know that he, at least, is learning to live frugally and abundantly all at the same time.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jennifer said...

I think that is why I enjoy your blog so much. It is very motivating.

You aren't about LESS, it's about MORE. A better life on less money.

Anonymous said...

One of the things I love about your blog so much is that you share your life with others and inspire them (us) to use what we have to make life rich. You can live a very RICH life without spending a lot of money if you are willing to spend a little EFFORT to do it. There is a web site that I visit often too. It is Cindy'sPorch...she tells people to do instead of buy. She is 100% right too. That is what I admire about both of you. You inspire.
Thanks so much for your blog. It is wonderful. Roxie

Anonymous said...

You could not have said it better!!! Thanks for a great site!!!
Ruth, PA

Anonymous said...

This is so encouraging. I have always been one (when I can afford to) to take convenience over effort. That means spending more money. On occasion over the years, I have gained great pleasure in frugality, homemade meals, keeping my home, etc. I tend to "fall off" because of busy-ness. This school year, I am determining to add frugality and such to my schedule, as if it's a necessity, rather than a fun hobby. I have to...I have a child going into college, which is going to cost money we don't have...not to mention the insurance if she starts driving. Frugality has become a necessity for us, and I'm so blessed to be able to read your blog, because it's not about "cheapness" it's about finding beauty in living a frugal life. You are so good at it. Thanks and God bless. :)

Anonymous said...

An excellent reminder. Thank you for sharing it.

Darcy said...

Well said and very encouraging!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said.
I think I'm going to keep a copy of these words in my wallet and my checkbook.

PiggyBank Raider said...

Great post! So very true, and an important reminder for me when I get frustrated with some of my frugal endeavors.

Julian said...

I love your ideas, and it is a challenge to be frugal, but a fun one. I guess for some people, using their brains to do this is too hard. Alot of people would not be in the deep financial troubles they are in if they applied this. Thanks for the encouragement.

Annie-Savor This Moment said...

Love your explanation for being frugal. I, too, think it is fun to come up with ideas using things I already have or are given to me. Your ideas are inspiring, and Tea for you Mom looks great!

nancyr said...

Morning Ramble's Patty has a very sick grandbaby who is hospitalized, and needs prayers from all of us.
Please pray for littel Mei-Ling, and her family.

Patty said...

thanks for the mention frugal minded blogger friend : ) Our motivation is the thing that makes us move forward.
Keep my grandbaby mei-ling in your prayers, please.

Stefanie said...

I think what you show us all, is the beauty that is achieved with frugality.

Anonymous said...


I've so enjoyed this post, I think I found you from a Frugal Friday over at Biblicalwomanhood. Can't remember for sure but anyway-- glad to have found you!

Frugal Living is such a challenge and so much fun. It requires lots of creativity and ingenuity that so many people do not use when they just continually buy more and more stuff.

My husband and I really enjoy living this way. Yes, many people we know think we are "a little off", but who cares? We are living how we believe God would have us live and we are having a happy time of it.

I would like to encourge anyone reading this to not be discouraged or feel badly if others think you strange.

Take Care,


Marie said...

This reminds me, in a way, of the occasional news blurbs about someone trying to "make it" for a week on food stamps.

Ignoring the fact that no one is entitled to free food, and should be grateful to get some. . .

A lot of it is just ATTITUDE, a desire to make things work. You have a family of four and 65 dollars to spend for the week? Either state flatly that it's impossible or start hitting the farmer's market and outlet stores.

Betty Canuck said...

It is very true, as can be seen by the many comments left here.

For myself, being frugal arose out of need. And often "need" is what helps me persist. But now that you mention it, there are many times that I love what being frugal has done for our family.

Very true that being frugal is an active living and passionate thing! To truly be successful at being frugal it does require an investment of the soul and time of the person attempting frugality!

Anonymous said...

I think your words illustrate Paul's words beautifully as they apply to a homemaker's life. Would you please allow me to copy your post to send to my friends in my homeschool group in an e-mail?

I just found you and I cannot wait to look through previous blogs. Thanks so much for sharing!

Laura of Harvest Lane