Sunday, July 22, 2007

Doubling the cobbler recipe

Above, my husband enjoys double the amount he should be eating!

Tammy's Recipes is a talented, one-woman test kitchen. She tried doubling the no-Bisquick cobbler recipe I posted earlier this summer.

Folks, I'm so embarassed! Tammy's cobbler didn't cobble, if one could say that of half-burnt, half-baked result. I test-doubled a blueberry cobbler to check the recipe, using a 10.5 x 16 inch pan.

What went wrong with Tammy's cobbler? Here are a few possible pitfalls when doubling this recipe:
  • Cobbler-times-two is best in a shallow pan. Even though the doubled volume may be the same, the batter needs enough surface area to rise through the fruit. Err on the side of a larger but thinner cobbler if you need more than an 8 x 10 pan.
  • Consider baking two 8 x 10 pans full!
  • Make sure you double all the ingredients--especially the baking powder.
  • Take extra care to distribute the fruit evenly across the>
  • Frozen fruit may add too much liquid to the batter for proper rising.
  • This recipe's taste depends solely on the quality of your fruit.


Indie said...

That's about half of what I would be eating.

Carrien said...

I doubled the recipe, and used frozen fruit last weekend and it was a beautiful confection that was rapidly consumed by all and there was none left. I omly used one stick of butter though and it worked out fine. It's officially one of my favorite recipes now, even if it does use all thaty sugar.

Paula in MN said...

I have made it 4 times since you posted the recipe, and everyone loves it, expecially when I used rhubarb! In fact, I tripled the recipe for our annual township picnic (and baked in an 11x15 pan) and it was a huge hit!

Lu said...

Looks good! I finally made your OTHER cobbler the other night! It was a HUGE hit! Gone in a day!

2boysmama said...

I doubled it with canned peaches in a 9 by 11 pan and it was great! I only included half of the fruit juice. Maybe something is off with her oven?

I love your recipe!

Tammy L said...

LOL! :) Apparently the cobbler is working for everyone else, even doubled and baked in a smaller (9x11 rather than 9x13) pan! I'd say your recipe is fine, Meredith. :) The tricky thing is that sometimes a recipe just doesn't work for some people... I know sometimes 10 people will love one of my recipes, and then someone else will say it totally didn't work for them! :) So thanks for not being offended. :)

Rose said...


What about halving the recipe? I know that's crazy talk for such a fabulous-looking dish, but we don't have that much fruit on hand. I was thinking half of all the ingredients, in a glass 8x8 round pan. (Normally I wouldn't be so hesitant to fiddle and experiment, but the potential for disaster and the waste of precious blackberries weighs heavy on my mind.) =)


Anonymous said...

I prepared a double recipe in a 9x13 pan for the 4th of July with several cups of blueberries and a couple of chopped peaches as the fruit. It was quite the hit, especially served warm with ice cream! Yum-yum!!

Grace in Nashville

Anonymous said...

I also doubled the recipe, and while it did overflow, I had put a baking sheet under my pan. By the way, I used strawberries, and everyone loved it.