Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cold salad plate

My mom loves to order a certain tea room specialty--a green salad featuring a taste each of egg, tuna, and chicken salad. It would have been cheaper to choose one salad, but it was her birthday. Fortunately, all three make for low-cost lunches.

It was quite the day for yard sale Tupperware. I tried my tuna drainer with Aldi chunk light tuna--the cheap stuff. It kept the tiniest flecks in the can, even when I rinsed the additional oil.

I was surprised. Unlike flaky albacore, the much finer Aldi chunk light made for an almost whipped texture. It was a good contrast with the chunkier pecan chicken salad and curried egg salad.
I placed a small scoop of each salad on romaine, with sides of sliced tomatoes and steamed pea pods. A fresh fruit skewer lay across the top of each plate.

Click here for the complete "tea room lunch at home" menu.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely birthday luncheon! Your mom is lucky to have a daughter who gives her such attention. My mom and I live too far away to share such occasions, and it is those times I miss her most...other times, I'm mostly grateful we aren't driving each other crazy on a daily basis! In many ways I've chosen a different life than she, and it seems difficult for her to not see my choices as judgment of her choices. C'est la vie...thanks for letting me ramble!

Amy said...

You really spoiled your mom this year. I wish I was your mom! I would have loved a luncheon in my honor like that. What a good daughter you are!

Carrie J said...

I have never seen a Tupperware tuna can drainer! I want one! Now I will drive myself crazy looking for one at yard sales! The food looks lovely and so does the table. Good job.

Stefanie said...

Ok, where'd ya get the tuna drainer, I know there must be a story. What a great daughter you are!

Meredith said...

It was ten cents at a yard sale!

My husband is the tuna lover in our family. He bought a grocery store version of the tuna drainer when we were first married. It wasn't very good, and I think I might have tossed it.

The Tupperware version lives up to its name, though. Keep your eyes open when you find those assorted kitchen item boxes!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to make my own tea room lunch now! Your table looks great, and it made me hungry just looking at it. Nice job!!