Friday, June 08, 2007

Passport border requirement suspended

More information here.
Well, that was $300 I could have saved in expedited fees.
At least the passports arrived in time.


3boysmama said...

ooh! Where are you going this summer?


Anonymous said...

We did the whole passport thing for our cruise in January, and then the requirement was postponed. I know it was a lot of money to get them, but take them anyway. It's much quicker and easier using your passport to cross the border, than fiddling with certified copies of birth certificates, etc.

Tread Softly said...

hmmm...maybe I should go online now and pay the extra money to get my passport on the fast track. I didn't realize there was such a back up. Sorry about the $300 :(

Anonymous said...

We have been procrastinating on this...this inspires me to get a move-on!