Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lamps! Lamps for sale!

Fifty cents a lamp! I always feel like Slobodkina's peddler when I take my box full of lamps to a local resale shop. (Though they usually sell well, and for far more than fifty cents!)

Sometimes I find more great lamps than I have tables. For this house, I was looking for bedside table lamps. Lauri Ward, in Use What You Have Decorating, strongly recommends pairs as a way of bringing balance to a room. This can be taken too far. I don't like matching lamps in a bedroom full of matching furniture.

When you use so many secondhand items, though, pairs work to unite all those disparate elements. I found the two elegant lamps in the middle (above) at Dollar General, of all places! We agreed--they were too sophisticated for a room with a fish over the bed. I took them back.

Where could I find another pair, cheap? I had two $3 bamboo lamps earmarked for my son's room, but...they worked just as well for ours! His room, with its painted tables, could use the wood-turned lamp above. I love it when a plan comes together : )


Anonymous said...

I love it too when a plan comes together. Great post. I got a sofa table at a consignement shop and found lamps at a discount store, perfect match! Gotta love that too.

Meredith said...


Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

My personal theory on lamps is to get mismatched/seconhand lamps, and put the same shade on them. It ties them together & brings balance, without them being clones.