Monday, June 04, 2007

Handmade flower bowl

At Saturday's neighborhood sale, I picked up this large hand-turned bowl with a flower frog in the center. A gift to the seller, it still had its original tag from the TACA craft fair. I paid $5. Now I want to keep it for myself! It will make a good birthday gift for my MIL, who's an active Garden Club judge. I save even more by packing it in my suitcase and wrapping it there.


Anonymous said...

Your have to know what that bowl is to appreciate the find!! Congrats-that was a steal of a deal! :) :) And it is beautiful to-boot. Blessings,
Lee from MI

Anonymous said...

My husband turns wood. That is beautiful. Many hours went into making it, plus the wood itself was probably expensive (I need to show my husband to identify the wood). You are an amazing shopper!