Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pretty baby finds

Updated: Due to the comments regarding safety, I have removed the basket tied to the crib. I think I can tie it to the back of a chair instead. Still, a cute pair of baskets for 50 cents!And here again is the monogrammed dress I found at Goodwill for $2.50. Several of you wondered how I find these things--well, we probably live in the monogramming capital of the world! I have passed up several darling dresses which did not match my daughter's initials. In fact, when I spotted this one, I said to myself, "Such a shame...wait a minute! It's an E!" Now, I know it doesn't matter to anyone how well my daughter is dressed, but it does make me happy to recycle such beautiful clothing!


Shannon said...

What a lovely dress! I'm always on the look out for things with a B for Brenna.

Indie Pereira said...

Would you mind telling me which Goodwill you're looking at? I'm a conspiracy theorist and think that they are purposefully sending the good stuff to certain sections of town. There are never good kids clothes at the two Goodwills on our side of town.

Anonymous said...

This post was missing when I checked back several times yesterday to see if you had been alerted to the ribbon danger. I have no idea what anyone else posted. I worried and worried. I thought long and hard if this had been the most appropriate place to 'voice' my concerns, but decided that yes, it was. You might not have even opened an email from someone you don't know "in real life". I wasn't being critical of YOU,,,,just very, very concerned about the safety of your child. I have had a long career of caring for children, and personally know of several children, who have had tragic outcomes to less threatening situations. Motherhood is difficult and guilt laden enought...I know, I am also a mother! Yes, cuteness for 50cents is a bargain in anyone's book....but 50cents of cuteness for the life/wellbeing of your child? That is a price beyond measure. My best to you and yours. Lu