Friday, April 06, 2007

Best birthday gift for men

I said I wouldn't post, but Kim and the "Life In A Shoe Construction Company" showed a birthday present too good to miss. 7 girls and a mom--impressive!


Kim C. said...

Thanks for the mention. It was a fun project and I loved that all of the children could share in the accomplishment. Much better than handing them a few bucks to buy Daddy something.

Gini (Hallquist) Young said...

I totally checked this was great! Listen, I recreated my website...long overdue, so I'm not long ghyoung, I'm
Thought you may want to find that out. BTW, I tried two recipes from the "iron chefs" posts. They were both great! Meatloaf muffins and your spring rolls! They were a hit in my house. Happy Easter!