Friday, February 02, 2007

Snow day!

Even our lawn looks beautiful in the snow. It hides all the mole hills and brown grass from the neighbors. Apparently, we are the only ones on the street who won't employ a lawn service.
My mom is fanatic about assembling winter gear, even though we only get a few snows each year. She will nag me about snow boots until I have several sizes in stock. Andrew could be a regular ski bum in his hand-me-down jacket, with snow pants, LL Bean boots and thinsulate gloves--all courtesy of the Salvation Army. (I should note that I didn't buy everything in one fell swoop. Items were collected over the last year or so, most in the middle of summer when NO ONE is thinking snow boots.)


Anonymous said...

Andrew looks so cute making the snow angel. And all that from the Salvation Army! Way to go!! You can have all the snow this year. Up here in NH we have not had much at all and since I'm not a big fan of winter, that is OK with me. Did you get the stove?

Alexandra said...

And nicely coordinated too! My ds is playing outside(no snow here) in his Columbia ski jacket, hat and mittens, all thrifted from S.A., but sadly not as attractively color coordinated! LOL