Friday, February 16, 2007

Free vintage art

I'm a huge fan of vintage illustrations. I cut up an old Mother Goose to decorate Andrew's nursery. That's why this post at Mommy Life made me cheer--Barbara passes along a reader's link to free vintage Bible story art. There some sweet little scenes inspired by Scripture. So far my favorites are the Victorian illustrated verses, which would make incredible blank notecards. If you are thinking of using these images on your blog, you need to right click and save the image onto your computer BEFORE uploading it to a post, just as you would upload a photo taken on your own camera. Please don't insert the graphic's URL when adding a graphic to your post, as it puts too much stress on the host's server. Let's be gracious about this free resource!

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Alexandra said...

Thanks! I've got a list of copy right free image resources on my blog. I'll definitely be adding these!

I love vintage images as well, and I've uploaded some of my favorite vintage children's book images onto flickr. Flickr has a vintage children's book image pool. All you have to do is message the owner for permission to use, or look for the "blog this" button for use in your blog.