Friday, February 09, 2007

Art Trunk program

We've taken two preschool Art Trunk classes at the Southeast branch library. Yesterday, the unit culminated in a tour of the Frist Center for Visual Arts. Even the parking was free! We had an intimate look at the exhibit, since only the librarian and one other mother/kids came along. I had to drag Andrew away from the ArtQuest gallery upstairs.


ravengal said...

We often find many interesting daytime activities are cancelled due to lack of attendance. In our neck of the woods, working moms have their preschoolers in some sort of care program, and homeschoolers are either too busy for the arts, or want more formal, structured co-op type classes. Very frustrating when good programs are available for free!!

TheNormalMiddle said...

We have a hands-on ArtQuest museum for kids here too. I've yet to take my kids. This was a good reminder to do that! Wednesdays are FREE family nights!