Thursday, January 25, 2007

The glamour closet makeover

Living with boys made me lazy. My husband would just as soon see me dressed in fleece as in flowered nightshirts.

Having a little girl has piqued my femininity, though. I will be her first model of womanhood--a model that, however practical, probably shouldn't wear white tube socks.

I use the second closet in my little girl's room. What better way to get it organized than with a feminine new look?

The challenge: to do it all without a trip to the store. Below, the closet "before" photo.

Glamour closet makeover: the vintage coat that started it all
Glamour closet makeover: how to cover closet rods with fabric
Glamour closet makeover: how to decorate clothes hangers
Glamour closet makeover: making it pretty
Glamour closet makeover "after"


Anonymous said...

So Meredith, when do we get to see the "after" picture?

I love this idea!

Meredith said...

It's still in progress! Hopefully I will have it completed after naptime this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

can i just say I LOVE THAT CHAIR!!!!

good luck,....i am still voting for a decorating ebook when you are done your house....or just come for a trip up north, WAY UP NORTH....-20degrees C (-4F) here today....brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

cant wait for results

Celina in Canada

DonnaB said...

A feminine girly girl closet...That's a great idea!