Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dumpster art!

I'm not above throwing the occasional curbside find into the car. I don't normally bother with dumpsters. Today, as we pulled away from our favorite thrift shop, I noticed its dumpster overflowing onto the grass. It's usually locked tight. At its peak was a preschool size backpack. Just what I needed! I jammed on the brakes, unlatched my seatbelt and darted over to grab it. Then I noticed this canvas lying on the grass. My heart racing, I tossed it in the trunk, just as an elderly man and woman drove around the corner, their mouths agape.

What were they thinking?
"Why, I've never seen a more horrible painting in my life!"
"I don't know, the pink legwarmers give it an 80's-cool touch."
I stuck it into the garage for a future kid art project.


Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate it when a thrift store, of all places, throws stuff into the trash? It seems like it defeats the entire purpose of the store. I had an experience one time at a local Goodwill store where one of the girls was throwing away, with near reckless abandon, nearly all the glassware and glass dishes in the store. My entire shopping trip was punctuated by the sound of glass shattering into the bottom of the giant trash can she was hauling all through the store. I was just stunned. We sure are a wealthy country if we can throw so much good stuff into massive landfills. But I'm glad that you at least rescued a few things today!

Jeana said...

"Man, if we had pulled up a minute sooner that could have been OURS!"

Indie Pereira said...

I was dumpster diving in college once and a bunch of guys came out of the dorm really concerned about the woman in the trash, trying to find out if they needed to help me. I once furnished an apartment with dumpster finds then sold them when I moved. People throw away all sorts of great stuff.