Thursday, January 25, 2007

Decorating plastic hangers

Most of our closets use sturdy wooden hangers, a secondhand stash I've hoarded over the years. However, I was glad to receive a box of these white plastic hangers. Since I have no dresser drawers, the little loops on the shoulders would make hanging lingerie simple.

To me, a must-have for the glamour closet is a soft fragrance. I decided to make little sachets from the cashmere coat's gold lining. I trimmed pieces just smaller than a handkerchief. I had a bag of tissue shreds leftover from a Christmas gift, so I placed a handful for filling in the center. I didn't have essential oils, so I splashed a bit of artificial vanilla extract on the tissue. You could use perfume, potpourri, or dried herbs like lavender.

Pink ribbon cinches each sachet. I've had this yard sale roll for five years, and it's still going strong! Finally, I cut a tiny hole in one of the fabric folds so I could slip the sachet over the hanger's hook. I intended to stop at the lingerie hangers, but they look so pretty all lined up in the closet, I might not be able to stop myself from doing more.

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