Friday, December 08, 2006

Someone send energy my way

Please! I am so, so tired. I have step-parent-in-laws coming to visit early tomorrow. They would like us to come to Christmas breakfast at 9 am December 25th. I am touched whenever family loves our kids enough to want our company. But Christmas morning--even if we worship the night before--is almost impossible with small children. So I need to pass along their Christmas gift tomorrow, and it needs to be nice, since we're not joining them later. I hadn't bought them but one small trinket! I'm out of energy and money for a trip to the store. My husband won't be home until late. I do have ingredients for gingerbread. If I bake them in fanciful Bundt pans dusted with confectioner's sugar, surely that will be enough. I am so grateful my pantry is stocked for baking!

Did I mention baby had her shots yesterday and, feverish, won't let me put her down?
Update: gingerbread baking, has the pleasant side effect of making my house smell heavenly for guests! Also realized I have a 25 cent floral container to reuse. I am soaking the foam overnight. In the morning I can whip together a basket of holiday greenery to go with the cake.


Amy said...

Do what you can, when you can. I don't blame you for not feeling like you can do that. I think our families forget how hard it was when they had little ones and people demanded so much of them.

We used to take the kids around in their costumes on Halloween to every single person in our extended family. This year, I decided that we wouldn't do that. I wanted our kids to get to go trick-or-treating, not be carted around in the car going from one person's house to the next. There was a lot of uproar about our decision, but in the end I am glad we did it our way. We compromised and brought the kids in their costumes the following week.

Don't kill yourself baking- REST! You need it (especially if you have a cranky baby who has had her shots)


Rebecca said...

Be gracious to yourself. You have a very young baby. You aren't going to be hurting anyone's feelings if you put your baby (and your own needs) first.

We have four small children. You learn quickly not to put yourself out because it's really not wise!

Enjoy Christmas with your children and relax!!! Infant Tylenol & Motrin are a mom's best friend.

Someone Beautiful said...

Praying for energy and rest. :) Oh you sound like my mom, able to make a feast at a moment's notice. It is really amazing to me.

I laughed about the Chia story! Great stuff!

DonnaB said...

I think you came up with some great ideas. Hope the baby feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Is that photo what you made them? It looks fantastic.

Anonymous said...

beautiful....i have actually never seen ginger-bread.....other than the gingerbread houses...can you post the recipe....puh-leeeeeeeeeese

Celina in canada

Monica Wilkinson said...

Meredith - I so wish I could bottle some of Emily's (2 years old) energy and send it your way! Meanwhile, your gift turned out gorgeous and I'm sure they'll be very pleased!

Anonymous said...

It all looks wonderful! Nice job. I hope you had a good weekend with your family and that all turned out well. Hope the baby is feeling better now too. You did a wonderful job and created a wonderful, kind gift.