Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A round of applause!

My not-so-frugal sister, still finding her way in the working world, had a much more frugal Christmas. She said she spent less than $30, the bulk of it at Dollar General. She thoughtfully regifted items others might like: a Vera Bradley wallet (bridesmaid's gift) that didn't fit her style was just right for me, a chunky wood frame got a new photo for my mom's desk. Perhaps there's hope for her yet!


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear more about your sister! Since you both grew up in the same family, apparently without much in the way of material goods, do you think her lack of frugality is in response to childhood events? Likewise, your desire to be frugal? I always enjoy your posts about how things were when you grew up, because it always makes me think about and evaluate why it is difficult, sometimes, for me to be frugal. My mom was TOO "tight" with money sometimes, and spending it was like a sin. I loved to buy things for people when I was little, and I remember getting a lecture several times from her about "wasting my money". So I think for a LONG time, for me, the only way I could rebut that as an adult was to spend! I'd enjoy hearing your insights about how our growing up years affect how we see money, savings, and thrift/economy as an adult.

PS- I am wholeheartedly in agreement with you. It's kind of a relief to put away the Christmas stuff, and turn my attention to something new!

DonnaB said...

I always find it funny that siblings can turn out so different when it comes to money. My brother makes fun of me every chance he gets for my tightwad ways.