Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More reader questions

Q: What kind of camera do you use for this blog?
Connie, this information is buried in the comment archives somewhere, but I don't mind sharing it again. I have the Kodak EasyShare CX4200, with 2.0 mega pixels--it was Best Buy's bargain $100 four years ago. Despite being simple (and now, technologically ancient), it takes great photos. The shutter speed is extremely slow for taking kid pictures, but it's fine for still lifes. Best of luck in your Ebay art venture!

Q: How do you keep toys from migrating all over the house?
A: I don't. My son's bedroom is at the far end of the house. Making him play with all toys there would be too isolating. We pick up at the end of the day before my husband comes home. I have two bins that slide under his daybed for storage and bedside tables set for specific "centers." I am mean about getting rid of toys once they lose their novelty. Also, we have an art cabinet in the kitchen. I'd like that room to be more for projects and reading than a playroom. Keeping supplies there makes it easier for me to redirect the activities away from toys. Likewise, our TV is in the living room--not the kitchen/breakfast room, where it would undoubtedly be more tempting.

Q: What did you buy for your son's Christmas?
A: A month after wrapping it all, I almost can't remember. Isn't that awful? I know there's a deluxe science kit with another volcano, "bones" to uncover, lab goggles, etc. Also a Lego set, educational games, puzzles and books, a new K-nex kit.

I'm always happy to answer your questions, though I try not to fill up the blog with Q and A. Sometimes I read a question in the comments, leave the computer, then forget to answer later. Better to email me at likemerchantships@yahoo.com.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Meredith, for the info on the camera. Connie