Friday, November 17, 2006

A peek in the kitchen

(above, atop the refrigerator)
Hurray! Our houseguest is here. I still have boxes against one wall of the dining room. It's not that I have so much stuff, but that it needs to be dealt with thoughtfully this time: old linens laundered, unwanted items sold, bookshelves built. My hair was in a towel when his car pulled in the drive, but I had a few welcoming touches ready. A crockpot of chili and just-baked cornbread scented the kitchen. (We dashed out to swim lessons a few minutes later.) We ordered a couple of Netflix movies for his room, since we don't have cable TV. I always set a tray for morning coffee, should a guest wake earlier than we do. Sometimes I pamper my husband by picking up flavored coffees, which are nice when guests come, too. I add a jar of granola with bowls and spoons to the side, just in case.
Thank goodness for the coffee--we returned from the pool to find our guest shivering and drinking a cup to stay warm! We had turned off the heat during yesterday's humidity. He must have thought he was in for a miserly cold stay!


DonnaB said...

What a thoughtful host you are!

PepsiGirl said...

Can I come stay with you? :-)

Thanks for the wonderful ideas - I will definitely use them when I have a guest.

I just love your blog and look forward to reading it every day.

Someone Beautiful said...

Oh that was so funny about him drinking the coffee to stay warm. Surely he will laugh later. ;) I like how you have the coffee tray set up. We don't drink coffee more than once or twice a year, and I want to set something up like that for guests.

Anonymous said...

What nice touches you have. I don't even own a tray! LOL! I'm taking notes on your wonderful homemaking skills.