Friday, October 27, 2006

The decorating budget

I promised I would share this with you! Boy, looking it over made me realize how little I have left to spend. Remember that the buyer for our old house also purchased my draperies and outdoor furniture? She paid $700. That sounded like so much at the time! I set that money aside for things we would need in the new house.

-$300 various repairs and paint
-$200 sofa for the breakfast room
-$100 armoire that won't fit in the living room
-$50 to my mother for various yard sale purchases
= $50 left

If I don't count the repairs on the new house, I have a lot more to spend. Either way, anything over the remaining $50 will have to cash flow out of our monthly budget. I do include yard sale money there, so all's not lost. We still need blinds for 20 windows and wood for the fireplace mantel, too.

It's painful, but knowing my bottom line will help me weigh one purchase against another. I can also start selling things that don't find a home here.


Anonymous said...

Will you sell the armoire and try to get that money back for your budget?

Meredith said...

It is so huge and an absolute bear to transport.
I was thinking I would leave it in the storage side of the garage and use it as a gift closet, with wrapping supplies, etc. That way I would still have a tall piece should we convert the garage to a master bedroom later on.

But now that I look at what a big chunk of my budget it took, I might do better to sell it. $20 in Rubbermaid totes would store a lot of gifts.

Anonymous said...


Why not put the armoire on Craiglist? Then you will free up that money for other finds!