Thursday, August 31, 2006

Two moves, too much

Blogger will be moving to Blogger Beta, powered by Google. Right now you can voluntarily move your Blogger account over to the new version, which promises a lot of great features (changes without HTML, categories for your posts). Eventually, everyone will need to make the switch. Two moves this month (one real, one online) is just too much for me. I guess I'll let them work out a few more bugs and then convert Like Merchant Ships after we get settled in the new house.


Anonymous said...

I noticed your blogroll is absent from your page this morning. Will it be back? I used to check it out and did not write down the addresses for my own records!!

Meredith said...

Anna, yes, the blogroll will be back. I am moving things over and tagging old posts as fast as I can. I have to hunt down the code for the Bloglines link and paste it in the new template.