Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A portable kitchen

Garner suggests that "two indenspensible aids to merry moving are a large well-stocked picnic basket and a big thermos jug....this becomes a portable kitchen during a move and is worth its weight in gold." (Making the Most Of Every Move, p. 77)
To get an idea of just how much times have changed, look at her list of indispensables:
paper plates, cups and napkins
a good paring knife, bottle and can openers (tied to the basket handle with string)
strong metal fork and big spoons
a large saucepan and a flat cake pan for heating foods in
Sterno or small hot plate
a plastic bag of detergent and a bar of soap
hand and dish towels
two or three good-sized clean rags
about twenty feet of strong cord and a few clothespins
pint freezer containers with snug lids filled with sugar, flour, dried milk and butter
cereal--both dried and uncooked
small sizes of salt, pepper, coffee, tea, cocoa, peanut butter, sandwich spreads, jams, vitamins, cans of fruit, beef hash, wieners, milk boxes of cookies, crackers and instant pudding mixes


MommyLydia said...

...I don't get your comment about how times have changed. What is wrong with that list?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I get it! Modern conveniences.

We have a portable cooler that PLUGS IN. So, you can take your own mini-fridge in the car. A lot of hotels we've stayed in have microwaves ... you can run to the nearest Piggley-Wiggley and get Marie Calendar's dinners -- ready in just a few minutes ... and no dishes.

Anonymous said...

That must be one ENORMOUS picnic basket! Doubt I could get all that into mine!

Meredith said...

I still think the basics are great, but today's list might read more like:

Map with nearest drive-thru restaurants marked on it
Five rolls of paper towels
Disposable diapers (who needs clotheslines?)
Pizza delivery coupons

Anonymous said...

I'm with my boaz's ruth...except maybe the clothes line. I do use cloth diapers but my washing method allows about 48 hours slack time if needed.

Anonymous said...

That list sounds suspiciously like the items we packed when we PCS'd (military move) from Alaska to Texas in 2004! Must be the effect of living on "The Last Frontier" for a couple of years.