Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Instead of late night snacking with the baby, I'm enjoying a delicious blog called Retro Food. If you love vintage cookbooks, go, go, take a peek! (thanks to Readable Feast for the link)


Homekeeper Mom said...

OOOHHHHH.........I LOVE old cookbooks!!! How exciting!!:)

Mom2fur said...

I'll check it out later. I love retro stuff! Meantime, thanks for commenting on my garage sale goodies. Those cookie molds? I guess you press dough into them. What a pain that would be. Nope...they'll remain a decorative item around here, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this link Meredith!
To our 'modern' sensibilities, the food seems too rich and time-consuming, but in movies and photos from that period, there weren't many fat people around.

My mother still actually serves meals very similar to the menus Retrofood is posting. She was a home economics teacher in the late 1950s and Southern to boot. We just returned from vacation with her. To this day she will RARELY put an item on the table in it's original container -- tho she makes an exception for bottled salad dressings and no longer makes her own.

It IS a lot of work, even though my SILs and I know her style and we can work alongside her, whipping a meal in and out rapidly, considering the amount of serving bowls required.

You can see why this lifestyle has died off! I think it's a real loss, though.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! I love doing it and most of the menus are beyond frugal. Interestingly many of the recipes are super quick and easy, especially since we have blenders and mixers and food processors these days.