Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A closer look

Today was expensive. We had the home inspection ($225), plus additional testing for mold, because there was moisture under the crawl space. I hate to spend the extra $175 for that, but it's better than being stuck with a mortgage and a house full of toxic mold, right? The inspector thinks the dampness is from condensation on the ductwork. They are installing a new heating and air system tomorrow and wrapping the pipes.

I'm praying that everything works out okay! It would be hard to walk away from this house, but that's what I'll do if I must.


Girl Raised in the South said...

Lovely lovely house - so hope it works out for you. We've moved a bunch of times and I usually fall in love with one - then the tugs on your heart.....when you start being able to see your family in it you know its the one.

Anonymous said...

That looks like MY house's exterior!


Anonymous said...

Oh Meredith, it's lovely. I will be praying that all goes smoothly. We are still redoing our home, so I can OH SO appreciate the delight of moving into a finished home.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck on this house. It looks beautiful and will give you lots more time to work on non-house projects and share with all of us in blog land! :)