Monday, July 24, 2006

Recycling workbooks

My four-year-old LOVES workbooks. After dropping $1.99 on a flimsy Dora edition, I started snapping them up at yard sales for under a quarter. Most have a little "preowned" scribbling, but they're still cheaper than printing sheets from the Internet. It makes for a hodge podge of workbooks, though! To add variety to our days, I tore a few sheets from each book and placed them inside a five-cent pocket portfolio. Each day has its own folder, with pages from each workbook. I've found this way of recycling old workbooks cuts the clutter considerably!
**I know the more frugal moms would insert each page into wipeable clear plastic page protectors, but Andrew and I have a bad history with dry erase markers.


Slughorn said...

Just wait!

If you ever start homeschooling in earnest, you'll find lots of material on the used market.

For example, this year, I'll be using "Which Way USA?" maps and books from the thrift store (about $7 for 25 booklets)[If bought directly from Highlights, I think they run about $4 apiece.]; and "Childhood of Famous Americans" books from the library withdrawn shelf (bought 35 @ 5 for $1).

There is a gold mine out there!

cdorsey said...

Kids and dry erase markers??? Not a good combination.