Monday, July 10, 2006

Letting my fingers do the walking

I admit it: right now I'm not able to chase discounts as easily as I did in the pre-baby days. But I can still pick up the phone! Our last house project is installing shoe molding around the baseboards. A gap was left when we removed the carpet and finished the hardwoods.

My gung-ho husband was on his way to Home Depot when I suggested I call around for prices first. Compared to the chain store's 47 cents a linear foot, this poplar molding for 30 cents was a deal. I never thought the local Ace hardware and lumber company could beat the big guys! Unfortunately, Home Depot wouldn't beat the price by 10% because the products were not exactly the same. The savings for a few phone calls?
Around $40.


Kim said...

Great going, Meredith!

Marsha said...

First time commenter here...

I love that your huband actually waited for you to make the calls. Mine prefers to run all over town comparing prices - makes him feel busy, I think!

Anyway, good work on finding the good price - with that much molding, I'm sure it added up quick!

Susan Godfrey said...

What a great deal! We live in a 70+ year old home that is constantly in a state of remodel since we bought it 6 years ago. If all goes well, it will be paid off in 3 more years and we can FINALLY start cycling more money into remodeling it. Congratualations for find such a deal!

Meredith said...

Hi, Marsha, thanks for visiting! 17 cents difference does make a big savings when you are trimming a whole house!

Slughorn, the trim pieces were 16 feet long. Luckily, I drive an old Volvo wagon which is very long, especially if you slide things in diagonally and let a couple of feet hang out the window! (Feet in the measurement sense, that is!)