Monday, July 17, 2006

It's time!

Time to pull on my 25 cent walking shoes, that is! Remember the embarassing thunder thigh episode, in which I vowed to throw away my stretchy pants at six weeks postpartum? Tomorrow is the day. I'm really excited! I can feel a commitment to my body I've never had before. I guess motherhood has matured me; past attempts at dieting seem half-hearted in comparison. Two online motivators deserve the credit--Barbara at Mommylife's five month transformation and The Incredible Shrinking Mom's challenge to Diet Naked. In this case, with online accountability. I'll be updating here as I get fit, with a frugal twist. Hopefully new socks (and skinny clothes!) will be my only investment!

In retrospect, I can see that the root canal was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to leave the baby for over four hours--a feat that took me a year with our first child! Now, an hour in the Y's nursery won't be nearly as traumatic. At least, I'll be praying it won't!


Anonymous said...

Here's my huge motivation for going to the gym. A shower uninterrupted by children and without the fear that my 2 year old will get into something (electrical outlets, poison, the great outdoors). Now my husband travels for work so this might be more motivation for me than others but 5 minutes of shower time along and I'm a new woman.

Laura Talbert said...

I don't know what to say first... "Go Meredith!" or "25 cent walking shoes?!?".
I think I'll go with "Go Meredith!"

Anonymous said...

Good for you! My son (only child) is over two years old and I am just starting to work out now. However the cost of a gym with childcare is so outrageous($100 a month!!!) here (Sacramento, CA) that I've opted for Curves (less than $40 a month by prepaying the year contract) and working out at 6 am before my husband goes to work.

Shannon said...

Meredith - I've been following Barbara, too, and thinking...When I saw your post today I headed over to check out Mel and that was the final push I needed. Baby Jack is 6 months old and I'm actually heavier than I was after he was born! So I'm digging out my walking shoes with you!

Melodee said...

Awesome! Thanks for the link!

You can do it!

--The Queen of Exclamation Points
The Shrinking Mom

Anonymous said...


Just checked out the blog awards and you won a category! Thought that I'd whip across and say congratulations!!!!

I love your blog and was chuffed to see that you won!

And all the best for the weightloss - I've been following Barbara too and I should really get motivated too!

Cheers, Wilm

The(un)PerfectMother said...

Be careful of 25 cent walking shoes. If you start to really get into working out, you really do need to invest in a good pair of shoes made for your type of feet, high arch, normal arch, or flat. I am not saying that you have to pay 100 dollars for a pair of shoes, but take it from someone who bought "cheap" shoes, and is now paying the price - my knees and ankles are shot, and will never recover.

Meredith said...


(un)PerfectMother, I know you're right. But my budget is completely depleted due to the dental work, and I'm so glad I picked up these shoes when I saw them. They FEEL great! The seller bought them and wore them twice because she needed a larger size, not even scuffing the soles. I like them so much that whenever I do save up for the next pair of shoes, I will probably buy this brand again.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

Off Topic- but congratulations- You won the frugality category at Blogs of Beauty!!! I am so jazzed- because I voted for you.=) I get so many terrific ideas from you- thanks!

Smiles and hugs-

Stephanie said...

I'm right there with you Meredith!! I'm dusting off my weightloss blog and will be eagerly waiting for frugal healthy tips. :) I walked last week with the girls for an hour and about died in the heat, but it felt so good! :)

CallaLilly said...

More power to you!! Just remember in your endeavors to be healthy that you are required only to be faithful - it is God who grants us success.

pinklogican said...

If you haven't checked it out yet, try SparkPeople. I've had so much success just tracking my food there (20lbs over the last two months), after a LOT of struggling after my daughter was born. Best's free! Can't get more frugal than that!

They have a pregnancy site, too, which I'm planning to use if I get pregnant again this fall.

The(un)PerfectMother said...

hey, as long as they are in good condition, meaning not many miles on them, its all gravy! Good luck! If you want, I will stand way over here and sing some cadences for you.....:)

Saw an old lady walking down the street
Ruck sack on her back jump boots on her feet
said old lady where ya going to?
US Army Ranger School
Said old lady dont you know
thats the school for the young and the bold
she said young punk who ya talking to?
I'm instructor at the Airborne School!

I could go on, but this is the cadence I like to mull in my head while have to walk!

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comment at my site--I'd checked yours out earlier, when voting for the Blogs of Beauty (and I did vote for yours--it's a great site!!).

I just realized, when reading this post, that our babies are pretty close in age. Addison was 10 weeks this Monday; so I'm about a month further out, but am still struggling to lose the last 10 pounds. Having a 4 1/2 pound baby doesn't help;) Good luck with your crusade!

amelia said...

You go girl! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress! I managed to take off all but 5 of the (eak!) 60 lbs. I put on with baby #1. It felt so great!! And now I get to do it again after baby #2 comes in November (but I'm trying not to let it be 60 lbs again!)