Thursday, June 01, 2006

Garden Envy

Every time I see a fresh photo at the Path To Freedom Journal, I yearn for a more permanent garden of my own. What these people do with roadside finds and sustainable design is amazing! Check out the new rock pot bed, which integrates a drip watering system with beautiful terra cotta accents. Sigh.


DonnaB said...

I love that site too! I wish I had their energy...maybe someday!

Anonymous said...

Is this type of life style that you hope to do when you buy your forever home? We do what we can along those lines of back to nature and ecology minded. Although we are quite a ways from the amount they do. The site is so wonderful and informative. I will visit it often now that I know of it! How many more moves till you will be looking for that final home site?

Meredith said...

I think you almost have to have a mission-minded family like the Dervaes to have a lifestyle like theirs. Mostly, I'd like to have a garden permanent enough to make some projects worth doing, like planting berry bushes that take a few years to mature, or trellising and hardscaping a greater portion of the yard. My little gardens are usually mown right over by later occupants.

Our final home depends on the real estate market conditions here. With one more flip past this one, we could conceivably use our equity to buy a house with cash. Or, if we really love our next neighborhood--or if interest rates skyrocket, we could make it our goal to pay down the remaining mortgage in the next five years. Or we could be making a career move to another city. who knows?